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SirSam :
Samuel Vicente aka. Dj SirSam is 23 years old. He got interested in electronic music since the age of 14. By dint listen to various mixes and productions DJs, he wanted to learn to mix. He began to lern the techniques to start on basic software such as Virtual Dj. He also trained on Vinyl and acquired bases and strong listening which helped him with his passion.
He gradually discovered new techniques by using mix CDs and MP3 brands such as Denon and Pioneer Dj SirSam. He started mixing in clubs at the age of 15 years with a group of friends who, at the time, ran a mobile disco. Over time, he perfected his technique and was directed to a more violent style: hardstyle. With this, he found a mentor, Dark Suppressor, who booked several evenings throughout Switzerland and did participate to various contests playing hardstyle and hardcore musics. 
Over the evenings Dj SirSam realized that with that style, he wouldn’t be able to climb the ladder to success the way he wanted to. This is why he turned to new styles like electro-house and progessive house. Little known of these environments, he allied himself with Dj Toxip to browse and small boxes and made themselves known. Dj SirSam is also one of the four founders Sonart Light and Sound Bubble and Dj is the leader. He participated in various contests, including the U-Night contest where he finished on the podium with a diploma and a direct input Globull. Following this, resident parties Fribourg Electro Festival, mixing with famous artists such as Joachim Garraud, Sir Colin,etc.

These evenings helped him to meeting many people, including Damian Rocks Lablanche 
Dr. Explosion, Madjin Slight with whom it evolves in time. He created a concept named Eletronic Evening with Dr. Blood Explosion he formed over the sets. The growing success, he began to be exported outside of Switzerland starting from Munich, Germany. Always eager for knowledge and popularity, he decided in 2012 to integrate a school and teach Djing? and his passion, and he began to produce his own tracks. In October 2011, he joined as a partner and dj RedSoundProduction.

Musikstile: Electro House, Progressive House, Electro


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