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Sandro Sincero was born in Switzerland on August 15th, 1981. He was passionate about the music already in his younger days. As an elementary school student he attended a musical theory and performance school. There he learned the whole music theory, also to read music, the aural training and the vocal coaching. He was then able to reduce what he had learned to practice on the keyboard.

In the age of 14 he encountered for the first time a mixer in a youth center. He fell under the spell of the DJ-ing. The talent of the Italian boy got around in his circle of friends and acquaintances; he has been booked for miscellaneous causes and house parties. Due to his capability, the demand increased and he has been supported on his DJ-ing career.

To go in for a DJ contest he plucked up courage, hoping he would attract the interest of the club scene. No sooner said and done he met important people and also people of position in this business; he received scores of bookings, based on the bookings he met more people; the wheel has come full circle.

With assistance of the Labels 4Different B.O.P and Groovemusic Sandro S. has been booked on national and international base.

In 2008 he released his debut record “The Bud”.

For quite a while now he spins in various locations and clubs without subinvalidTagion to a label. Starting 2013 Sandro S. switched to Sandro Sincero and as a part of the WirSindEins Records family.

Musikstile: House, Tech House, Techno


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