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I'm Mark Krowd, a 19 years old swiss Techno DJ/producer, I've been working for 3 years with a friend under the name Raken. We started by producing EH, but since 2015, we really prefer to produce Tech House and Techno. Now we want to be independant and we work separatly, but staying good friends. Hope you'll enjoy what you can hear from me.

What I think about techno ? 3.
WTF ? Yay, 3.
Why ? Just because the standards are saying that techno is not good music, the radios don’t want to play techno because it’s too agressive and not commercial enough, but the standards teach you that 1+1 = 2, so, considering that techno is no standard music, and because I think that 1+1=3 (just because it’s cool fuck yeah), I would say than techno is 3.
Yay. 3.

Mark Krowd


Musikstile: Tech House, Techno


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