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Katusha Svoboda - International DJ, sound producer, singer, composer and songwriter. 

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Resident of  HITSTER.FM (Russia), Radiyour (Israel), VENDJ (Venezuela), 
Formula Dance (Spain), ABITUNES (Belgium), NightSky (Germanyl), CORE FM (England

Her  first solo Katusha presented the world on January 27, 1991. However, the obstetric officers and her parents mistook it for a scream. It offended Katusha and so she decided to submerge herself into the wonderful world of music once again only when she was four. Vocal studio of Nizhnevartovsk was lucky to accept the clamorous lady. The studio couldn’t tolerate the talent for too long, so the baton of upbringing the genius was passed to the Children’s Art School of Oktyabrsk. The young talent was participating in different events of Oktyabrskiy, Nizhnevartovsk and Magnitogorsk. The teachers were so impressed that they even considered begging Katusha to stay as the director, however they never had the nerve to do so.

At the same time, studying in the regular school went as planned. And you should admit, it went quite well, for the future mistress of the dancefloors managed to enter Petroleum University of Ufa, free of charge. Her specialty sounds like “Development and operation of oil and gas deposits”. Quite a creative profession. Digging through the mud should also be inspired. High school remembers Katusha as a lady, who has beaten a guy with a camera for being mediocre and having no taste. Poor guy has put the wrong pictures into the graduation photo album. While studying in the school, our protagonist decided to improve the demography of Russia by giving birth to a son. There is still hope that she has not come to her senses so far and she won’t stop at what has been already achieved.

From the earliest age Katusha didn’t care much for dolls and girlish stuff of that kind, and preferred to dwell on the ways to monetize her skills and abilities. So she started her working career when she was 11. Since that ancient time, she has been taking care of all financial matters on her own.

     Musicality is not the only Katusha’s advantage over the rest population of Earth. She is also a gorgeous beauty. Which has also been noticed by the promoters of several local beauty contests. Seemed like super model career was assured: contracts, photoshoots for glossy magazines and catalogues. Katusha started featuring in movies, music videos and shows on federal TV channels: TV3, Domashniy, STS. She even hosted a weather forecast. Remember that time when the weather was really great? Yep, that’s her. But, as Mozart used to say “Hey, why don't I beat out something for you?!”. So, music has a special place in Katusha’s heart. The most important one.

Now Katusha Svoboda is a successful DJ with busy schedule, touring across the towns and cities of the 3rd planet. She composes her own tracks, and dozens of radio stations die fighting to air them. She also has her own DJ school, which doesn’t stop her from trailing the federal highway between Ufa and Moscow. She lives in between two cities, you know.

Musikstile: House, Electro House, Tech House


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