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Karimo Marinello is at the young age of 24 the new male shootingstar of the local Techno scene in and around Düsseldorf/Germany and the top act of the very carefully picked artists of, the world‘s leading Minimal Techno radio station. 

After just one play only at the second episode of the club night at the Rheingold/Poison Club in Düsseldorf which is known for its leading role for the West-German Techno scene the owner of the club begged King Brain & Stefan Simons, the owners of, to have Karimo Marinello playing at the next episode of the Rheingold‘s famous main party series MINIMAL IS CRIMINAL.

Since then and after an unbelievably great resonance from the night‘s party guests Karimo Marinello had been asked by the club owner again to play at various other events like the New Year‘s Eve party at the Rheingold where 3,300 people attended or the next Poison Club night at the well known Butan Club in Wuppertal and more !

Today and just two months from his first play at the Rheingold Karimo Marinello is already very popular for his energetic DJ performances and exiting mixing skills. His selection of tracks is favoured by many DJ collegues as well as by his many fans. Where ever Karimo Marinello plays he rocks the floor and wins the hearts of the audience instantly. He is a sure guarantor for the success of your party, event or festival.

Musikstile: Techno, Trance


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