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Dominik Vertigo  

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As the passionate party animal he is, Dominik Vertigo has always been intrigued by the variety of the musical universe and he admired those who were to subdue it. As a big fan of the art of DJing it didn’t take a long time until he started to produce his own remixes and shows in his bed room. At private events and Underground partys he delighted the crowd with his sets and his own mixshows to gain an excellent reputation in the transnational party scene.
His efforts for making partys great again was rewarded:
2016 he got employed by the world famous student organisation AIESEC (100k+ members) - appearances on huge national and international partys have been a permanent fixture ever since. A year later, the DJ settled in the hip student club T.I.K., where he has been rocking the crowd on major events (up to 1500+ guests) until today.
But the young DJ hasn’t stopped there and the fond of travelling facilitated him appearances everywhere around Switzerland, Germany and the area of the border triangle.
The DJ has never missed an opportunity to combine his profession and his never ending love for travelling.
Booming housebeats, American HipHop, hot party anthems or sunny latin vibes - genre limits are unknown for the passionate DJ. The crowd notices in every set: He is not only loving the musical variety - he’s living it!
For his diversified genre-mix and tempting beats encouraging to dance - that’s what the name VERTIGO has been known for the years after. His sets and shows bring back the good old times and invite the listener to a journey through the infinite width of music’s spectrum.

-T.I.K (Freiburg im Breisgau)
-Mensa (Freiburg im Breisgau)
-Heimat (Basel)
-Verso (Basel)
-Sommercasino (Basel)
-Galaxy (Basel)
-Icon (Zürich)
-Viento Sur (Bern)
Festivals & Party Series

-Déja-Vu (Freiburg)
-Noctua Vol. 8 (Basel)
-Noche Latina (Basel)

-Déja-Vu (Freiburg)
-Aubach-Festival (Hecklingen)
-Noctua (Basel)
- KICK-OFF (Vaud)
-DO-IT (Valais)

-Déja-Vu (Freiburg)
-KICK-OFF (Vaud)
-DO-IT (Valais)
-UNITE (Bern)

-DO-IT (Valais)

-Faculty of Economics, University of Basel
-Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Basel
-Faculty of Economics, Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg
-Faculty of biology, Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg
-Faculty of Pharmacy, Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg
-AIESEC Switzerland
-AIESEC Lausanne
-AIESEC Zurich
-AIESEC St. Gallen
-Kulturverein Wunderfitz” Hecklingen e.V.
-Von Pooven AG

Private Party Organisers & UNDERGROUND

Due to the protection of privacy, the private party/Underground party organisers’ references aren’t public. With good grace they are conveyed on request.

Musikstile: House, Electro House, Hip-Hop, Pop


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