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The journey of Dane Donarro from his initial introduction to the local club scene to becoming a determined producer is an organic one. Beginning at 16 years old, Dane was exposed to the sounds of various genres and styles of electronic music. To this point, Dane had already built a solid base of knowledge in classical music theory and live performance and has also graduated from a classical music high school. His love for music in general has always led him explore new sounds and genres but after an experience at the label party of Toolroom Records in Amsterdam, he finally found what he was searching for after many years! This evening was a game-changer for him and since then he spends hours everyday in the studio translating his inner voice into music!

“Entering a world, which was defined by people who had years of experience in music production and who treated music in a very mature way, completely broke down my notion of the music industry I was part of before! And from this moment on I knew, this would be the perfect environment to grow not only as an artist but also as a human being! I’m very happy that I now can finally say, that I’ve finally found my identity in music and being the game changer with my music in a other persons life would be my biggest dream!“

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- Messehalle, Basel (CH)

- Volkshaus, Basel (CH)

- Saalbau Rheinpark, Basel (CH)

- Union Saal, Basel (CH)

- Club Borderline, Basel (CH)

- Club Excellent, Basel (CH)

- Singerhaus, Basel (CH)

- Club Modus, Liestal (CH)

- Fabrik, Muttenz (CH)

- Club Tresor, Basel (CH)

- Patronaat, Haarlem (NL) 

- Balz (Hinterzimmer), Basel (CH)


Musikstile: Tech House, Techno

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