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DJ Cyrilho  

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In addition to his inseparable love of house music and performances in Lloret de Mar or Zermatt, his flair for electronic music also accompanies him in his open-format residences. Whether at the Rhine knee, in Zurich or in Lucerne; the Basel-based DJ "Cyrilho" has already been able to prove his skills in renowned locations. 




Next Events

19.04. Pacifico, Luzern

20.04. Paddy Reilly's Basel

26.04. Paddy Reilly's Basel

27.04. L'avventura, Basel (Day-Dance)

27.04. Singer Klub, Basel

03.05. Pacifico, Luzern

04.05. Paddy Reilly's Bsel

08.05. Wäberei, Liestal

16.05. Balz, Hinterzimmer

18.05. Private Event

19.05. TBA

23.05. TBA

24.05. Viertel Klub

25.05. Mekong + Pacifico, Luzern

26.-30.05. Sportplausch, Cambrils (ES)

31.05. Wäberei, Liestal

01.06. Paddy Reilly's Basel

06.06. Boca Grande, Luzern

07.06. Paddy Reilly's Basel

08.06. Pacifico, Luzern

14.06. Pacifico, Luzern

15.06. Paddy Reilly's Basel

20.06. Bar Rouge, Basel

21.06. Paddy Reilly's Basel

22.06. Mekong, Luzern

29.06. Penthouse, Luzern


Top References

Street Parade, Zürich

St. Trop‘‚ Lloret de Mar

Viertel Klub, Basel

Balz Klub

MÄX, Zürich

Penthouse, Luzern

Kaufleuten, Zürich

Cinema Klub, Lenzerheide

Broken Bar the Club, Zermatt

Greenfield Festival, Winston Village

Open Air Lumnezia, American Spirit

Plaza Klub, Zürich

Elisabethenkirche, Basel

Pacifico, Luzern

Discoteca ZOO, Lloret de Mar 

Boozers, Lloret de Mar

Sandoase Basel

Bar Rouge, Basel

Club 55, Sissach

Braderie Biel

799 Joor Därwil

Paddy Reilly's Basel / Fribourg

Mekong, Luzern

Club Borderline

Kaschemme Basel


Musikstile: House, Tech House, Pop


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